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The Importance of Correctly Titling Your Assets

The three most common ways in which you can own assets at the time of your death are individually, jointly, or under contract. Depending on your life and death goals, how you allocate your wealth can mean the difference between financial prosperity and financial hardship for your children and/or beneficiaries. You can discover more details about title insurance calculator through

The Importance of Correctly Titling Your Properly

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Anything you held on your behalf at the time of your death needs to be verified. This includes your house, any rental property, all insurance policies, jewelry, bank accounts, stocks, cars, baseball cards, you name it and that includes.

General title

If your assets are in joint ownership at the time you die, that means that when you die, those items will automatically be given to the person who shares your property. The advantage of this form of ownership is that collectively named assets do not need to be checked and there is no struggle for proper distribution or discovery of assets.

Contract title

The title of your contracted asset is a much safer way of controlling who will ultimately receive your asset. The title of the contract is usually given by specifying the recipient. Almost every money account can have a recipient with a name.


The only way to truly protect your wealth for life, to control who gets it when you die, and to protect your beneficiaries long after you have disappeared, is to name your wealth in a way that will trust your recipient.