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Is Online Payment Portal A Support For eCommerce?

When payments are made by consumers from a website, IVR services or from a cell phone, the payment gateway service assists in financial transactions. This is a program that enables online firms to perform payment transfers. 

As the world is going to use the Internet for all kinds of payments and other activities, in order to carry out transactions smoothly and securely, such a system is required. You can get to know more about the benefits of online payment through Axiom Payment Solutions.

Top 10 Best payment gateways in India For Your e-Commerce Website

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Credit card transfers with the use of payment gateway services are getting easier and simpler. Credit card-related information is encrypted, so clients feel secure when carrying out purchases through gateway services.

For the handling of orders, the gateway device executes a number of tasks. When a customer places an order online, let's try to explain how the gateway mechanism assists in the entire purchase process. 

The customer places an order via a website; the data is encrypted and forwarded to the merchant's web server. The order thus issued by the merchant server is forwarded for further processing to the payment gateway system. 

The payment gateway device transmits the message to the website server that the bank or the end processor manages. It is further forwarded to the association of cards that offers the response as to the rejection or permission for the charge. 

The details thus collected by the payment gateway is transmitted to the merchant or to the payer. In this way, the payment is accepted or rejected. Therefore, internet shopping relies on this.