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Your First Visits With The Orthodontist For Braces In San Antonio

If your child needs braces, you'll get a referral to an orthodontist. Your child may not be very happy. Then again, some children do not mind a bit. It can be costly and time consuming for the parents. Though, there are orthodontists that can offer you some affordable deals on getting braces in San AntonioLet's look at the process of getting braces. At the appointment, you will be asked to fill out the usual medical history.

You will want to bring films from your usual dentist as well. Specialists can do this, but it is expensive to do something that is already done. At this appointment, your child bites, the placement of the teeth, and the construction will be recorded. All of this is to determine how long your child will need braces or if he is a candidate. This appointment is generally where you find out what this will cost.

After the office determines that your child is a candidate, they will schedule you for an appointment for a spacer. This is really important. This is preparatory work that allows them to put the band on the back molars. This appointment creates a space for the metal ring to fit. Without this appointment, patients will find the next step quite painful.

The next part of this process is more convenient. The orthodontist props the patient's mouth open to keep the teeth and gums exposed. They will create the impression of the teeth. They then apply the brackets on the teeth. At this point, they thread the cable through the bracket. Then, the band is placed. When finished, most people find it not so bad.