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Mountain Biking is not just for Extreme Sport

Think of mountain biking and many people have a vision of a tall man wearing a crash hat and body protector, slide the breakneck speed down the mountain. Total madness and only for fans of extreme sports! By reading this article you can get the best information about all e-mountainbikes 2020 from ktm and bergstrom.

Mountain Biking is not just for Extreme Sport

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It might, therefore, surprise you to know that the vast majority of mountain bike enthusiasts are Cross Country mountain bike lovers. They like to get out and about in the countryside and use their mountain bikes as a fitness tool. Cycling is certainly great for building stamina and was friendly to the joints than say, running down the street.

 It also helps that you can cover greater distances on a bike than you can walk, which makes cycling great activities to choose to explore new places when on holiday.

The growing popularity of mountain biking evident in a large number of companies now offer cycling and mountain biking vacations. Many people consider a cycling holiday would probably choose a large company because they think they will have more experience and they will be more secure bookings.

While this may be true, the price is often much more expensive with larger companies for marketing and staff great expense.

Small companies typically have only a few staff and would put personalized service as a priority to provide an edge over their larger rivals.

They almost certainly will know your chosen destination better because they are often based there and their prices will often be cheaper also as a result of lower overhead. If in doubt, give the company you are considering a call.