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How To Save Energy And Money

When you get the electric bills they are often much higher than you ever could have imagined. There are so many things that you are plugging into walls and charging and recharging and there is no end in sight.

Day after day and week after week electricity usage is going on forever. The costs of electricity are always getting higher and if you don’t stop and try to make some changes it is the type of thing that can just continue to be a problem for years and years.

So here some tips on cutting costs and energy:

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Updating old equipment: New appliances such as refrigerators and freezers can be charged in the front-end, but in the long run pay off on your electric bill with lower ‘energy consumption’ (Also known as ‘การใช้พลังงาน’ in the Thai language). Make sure that it is a tool for their Energy Star to use an average of 30-40% less energy, thus saving money.

Replacing the bulbs: Begin replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. They put out the same amount of light but use 75% less energy. 

For example, if you replace 60-watt incandescent bulbs for fluorescent lamps of 15 watts, you get the same amount of light for 75% less energy. Also, keep an eye out for new LED lighting, which uses about 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. You do not have to change them all at one time, but at least replace them when they start to burn.

Wash in cold: Most clothes can be washed with cold or warm water. Just wash with hot water when you need to. This will save hot water and do not force your water heater to work harder.

Check your thermostat: During the winter, try to keep your thermostat at around 70 degrees, or slightly lower and you woolie their pajamas. By doing this, you will give your furnace breaks and lower energy costs. 

Kill a vampire: One night, turn off everything you normally turn off and walk around the house. Every little thing you see shining is using electricity. Cell phone charger, computer, modem, TV, DVD player, etc..

Creating your own energy: This one is pretty radical, but if you are the determined, do-it-yourself type, you really can take steps to make their own energy.

There are many ways we as the average person can save the energy bills, we just need to know what to look for and take steps.