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Energy Saving Products – Some Easy Energy Saving Devices

Various modern energy-saving devices now exist for almost all household appliances and electrical equipment. The more energy-efficient products that you use the more you will save on your energy bills.

We are all having energy-efficient water-saving products and sustainable lifestyles that are made much easier in love – and energy-saving devices are a great way to save energy around the house. Apart from this, if you are looking for ‘saving energy products then you have to check this out’ (Also known as ‘ผลิตภัณฑ์ประหยัดพลังงานคุณต้องลองดูที่’ in the Thai language ).

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So, if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to become a more energy-efficient citizen, below is a list of some energy-saving devices. 

  1. Solar charger

This simple energy-saving device uses the energy of the sun to charge your electric gadgets such as iPods, Digital Cameras, PDAs, and generally any device that has a USB port. 

  1. Electricity Monitor

An electricity usage monitor shows you how much electricity you use, how much electricity costs, and how much carbon dioxide emissions you contribute to the environment. You can use this information to reduce electricity consumption and save about 25% on your electricity bill. 

  1. Night Lights

Nightlight is an energy-efficient way of keeping your kids happy in the evening. The modern version emits cold light blue electro-luminescent green, perfect for night lighting in bedrooms, hallways, and corridors.

  1. Energy-saving light bulbs

A fantastic energy-saving device, energy-saving light bulbs are now cheaper than ever before. In most homes, lighting accounts for about 10-15 percent of the electricity bill. 

  1. Water-saving spout

Save up to 70% of your usual water consumption with a touch-free, automated auto drain that just sticks to the existing faucet.

  1. Toilet Water Saver

The device consists of a plastic bag sitting on the toilet tank to preserve about 3 liters of water each time the toilet is flushed. When the toilet was flushed, the water was limited in bags. If you find damage flushing bags, you can usually cut off one bottom corner of the bag to make more space in the well. This saves about 33% of the water used in the toilet and 10% of the total water used in the home.

If you follow these kinds of ideas then you will definitely save your electricity as well money.