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All About The ESD Floor

In industries where electronic components are involved, electrostatic discharge can lead to the failure of sensitive devices. An ESD floor must consist of materials designed for specific electrical resistance requirements.

High-performance ESD floor coverings with static dissipative properties will perform even better if certain factors such as the condition of the subfloor, the cost to repair and maintain the ESD floor, and the experience and integrity of the applicator are taken into consideration.

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ESD Flooring – Interlocking ESD Floor Tile

The ESD floor makes the perfect choice for those who are looking for protection from static debit. Quality ESD floors, combined with conductive footwear helps body voltage less than 10 volts, eliminates almost all HBM threats.

The ESD floor can be tested for HBM discharge by attaching individuals to fill the plate monitor with wrist straps. People standing on the floor will move their feet to destroy the ground.

If the voltage is on or closes to zero when the foot is lifted, the ESD floor is bleeding with the accumulation fee of the person. If the subject maintains a static charge when the foot is lifted, the ESD floor only suppresses costs.

Companies around the world have invested in the ESD program, and their investment pays dividends. Cargo-Device Model (CDM) is a model used by many organizations to characterize the vulnerability of electronic devices to damage from electrostatic discharge.

The CDM model is an alternative to HBM (human body model) which is a discharge simulation that might occur when someone touches electronic devices.

The need for ESD floors is effective for static protection, to eliminate electrostatic costs of materials and personnel needed in many industries.