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A Guide to Choosing and Preparing to Lawn

If you have decided to lay your lawn or replace an old lawn area with fresh grass, then there are several things to consider before you begin. This article gives you tips on choosing the right lawn for your garden and lifestyle, and then, once you've done that, get ready to lay your grass.

The first thing to do is determine which type of grass is best for your needs, and this will depend on the conditions of your garden and the intended use of the grassy area.

Families with children or pets, or those who want to make the most of their gardens, should choose a lawn that can withstand a heavy flow of traffic. Second, you will need to calculate the amount of grass you need. There are famous for best turf supplies in Sydney that have calculators, a very useful tool on their website.

Your next task is to make sure that you prepare your area completely like it was never delivered; the lawn should be spread early in the spring or summer months or within 24 hours in the fall and winter.

If natural soils are not up to scratch or you want to improve your level grass area, then you will need to roll out a top layer of sandy loam. Be sure to iron and equalize surface and groundwater in approximately two days before laying your lawn.

The last point in this guide to choosing and preparing to lay your lawn is to make sure that you have made the necessary arrangements to make your lawn delivery as smooth as possible.